Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Past Makes the Future

After reading chapter four in Citizen Marketers it occurred to me that it is only natural for there to be a transitional people for people and ideas under the consumption of world changing technology. In chapter four the authors discussed how the ramifications of the printing press, television, and internet have evolved over time. The printing press changed the world order with the switch from the spoken word of religions to the written word of governments. The television changed everyone when the vote of public opinion switched from the newspaper to the voice and image found on advertisements. Now we see the disbursement of news and announcements from traditional press releases to digital compositions.

As we discussed in class the future of press releases lies in the author's ability to take the old version of a simple static release and transform it into an informative, link filled conglomeration. In this way we find the press release to not only be more useful and fact-filled it also achieves the objective of being more social.

Here we find an example video of the new version of the press release.

Why have people taken so long to adopt this new version of press releases?

I think that the answer lies in that we are still in the transitional period that we have seen before in television and the printing press. However, in today's fast paced, instant update world we forget that it takes time for people's processes and habits to change. So to me the effects of the new press releases will be seen eventually but we shouldn't be entirely surprised that this transitional period is occurring.

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