Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box

After reading Greenpeace's tips on how to make a viral video, the thing that stuck with me the most, was the idea that the reason that most of the viral videos on the internet are user created is because the users are the ones thinking outside of the box. That the public are the ones with the freshest ideas and know how to avoid recycling past viral successes.

The example given in the article is the now famous dramatic chipmunk:

I too, think this is an excellent example of how anyone with a little imagination can create something so simple yet so perfectly executed. Innovation has always been the key to successful buisness marketing and we find that more and more obvious during this age of social media interaction.

Throughout time, we have seen that the companies who thrive the most in competitive markets are the ones who go outside of the established guidelines and use their wits, ingenuity, and heart to circumnavigate their competitors. Today social media gives companies marketing sectors a bigger ability to display this phenomenon more than ever. However, it is my belief that ultimatly the public determines the market and that is why they can create the most powerful messages.

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